WRR Comment:基于有限理性假设的农民行为分析

Comment on “Exploring the Influence of Smallholders’ Perceptions Regarding Water Availability on Crop Choice and Water Allocation Through Socio‐Hydrological Modeling” by Kuil et al. [Water Resource Research, 54, 2580–2604]

First published: 08 March 2019
A paper has recently been published in Water Resources Research, which explored the influence of smallholder’s perceptions regarding water availability on crop choice and water allocation through social‐hydrological modeling. The present paper attempts to discuss and comment on that paper. The authors have developed a social‐hydrological model, behind which some assumptions of the hydrological aspects (including the omission of deep percolation and the complete separation of transpiration and evaporation for the growing season and the off‐season) are not well justified. Further, a few parameter values seem to be mistakenly presented by the authors. Most importantly, the equation used for calculating the irrigation depth for crop 1 was incorrectly derived, which could lead to apparent biases in the simulated soil moisture, drought memories and crop fractions. Hence, the key findings of Kuil et al. (2018) must be associated with large uncertainties, and should be interpreted with much caution.

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