(1) Please
note I removed “would” from many of the sentences because you primarily discuss
the results of the simulations. I retained “would” when statements discussed
hypothetical scenarios that were not directly addressed in the simulations. 对于模拟的结果不用would表达,对于没有直接模拟出来的结果,通过讨论的形式用would.

    (2) Please
review the use of such phrases as “unused land increases”.  Please consider using “the area of unused
land increase” for clarity. This comment applies to all discussion regarding
changes in the extent of the individual land-use types.  中文表达某种土地利用类型如耕地增加,在英文中需要加上the area of XX,增加表达的清楚性。

    (3) Abbreviations
and acronyms (缩写词) are often defined the first time they are used within the abstract
and again in the main text and then used throughout the remainder of the
manuscript. Please consider adhering to this convention. 

    (4) Please
review the use of “significant”. If you are referring to a “statistically
significant” result, then this term is appropriate. However, if this is not the
case, please use “substantial”.  对于significant 这个词,用于统计上的表述是可取的,而对于其他情形,用substantial 替代。

consider using commas in large numbers, e.g., 1,281,195. 在英文中,数字的表达,需要使用逗号。

comment applies more generally. A “response” is often related to a “change”.
Please ensure that the cause of the response is clear throughout the text. 响应一般对应与变化。

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