A Matlab Function to Execute another Function Automatically

% This function can be used to execute a function automatically with in the
% defined length at intervals of period.

% Period is the intervals between two callback functions (seconds)
% The length of the running functions (seconds)
% The times of the TasksExecuted:floor(length/period)+1
% fuc is handle of a function that will be executed
% Copyright (c) 2014, xiaolingzi,com, All rights reserved.

% for example
% timer_to_fuc(2,10,@sin(x) x)
% this command means that the function of sin(x) will be executed for 10 sceconds
% at intervals of 2 seconds. Thus the function of sin(x) will be executed
% for 6(10/2+1) times.


The ditails of the function: timer_to_fuc


Updated: 2014-12-26 — am10:01

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