NaN in the outputs of the SWAT model

There are NAN values in the output of the output.rch, ouptput.std. I checked the results and found that the PET in November 2021 are NaN values. So, I checked the tmpa.tmp file. I have taken many hours to ensure that the file in the corresponding month (2021) is right. But,all effort just in vain.

Then, i replace the data of temperature in 2011.11 with new data. Then, the model can output normal values. Thus, i make sure that there is something wrong with the data of the month.

Thus, i checked the data of the month carefully. However, no result can be found.

Finally, I use the most stupid method by change the data of each day in that month. It has taken almost two hours to find the wrong data.


Replacing the wrong data the following data, the the model can give output normally.


In fact, i don’t know why the bug can bring wrong results of the SWAT model until now.

Updated: 2015-04-11 — pm8:50

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