DHSVM模型需要subdaily的气象数据,而一般气象站只有daily的数据。为此,我将VIC模型的自带的气象数据的Meteorological Forcing Disaggregation模块,比较粗略的抠出来了,使其可以方便的使用于气象数据时间降尺度,从而满足DHSVM模型模型的数据要求。否则,直接采用原来的VIC模型,对于新手,比较复杂。 抠出来的代码我已经编译了,然后放在这里共享。程序输入为daily的气象台站数据,然后输出subdaily数据,格式完全和DHSVM对应。因此可以直接驱动DHSVM数据。 关于这个程序,我写了个简单说明: #****************************************************************************# This program is used to disaggregate daily meterological data to subdaily intervals(1, 3, 6 hours) using the VIC model, for the utilization of DHSVM. The resultant data can be used to driving DHSVM directly.   Usage:(1) Open current dir CMD, cmd: VIC_Mete -g global_param.example (2) Double click VIC_Mete.bat   $Author: LING ZHANG,, #****************************************************************************# 1.  Data Preparation: (1) First, preparing the (station) meterological data. The file name should be station_latitute(user-defined)_Longitute(user-defined). The format of the file should be prepared as same as the VIC model, and should be difined in global_param.example (2)  Second, preparing the Soil paramter data.The second, third and fourth column, which correspond to cell number, latitute and longtute, should be defined by users. The parmater longtute is important, since it will be used to calculate the hour_offset which will by used to calculate local time. Importantly, off_gmt (Time zone offset form GMT) should alse be determined by users. This paramter was set to 8 defaultly, considering the this program was mainly used for China. For other countries, the prameter should be changed to match the time for observation. For example, if the observation was made at UTC-8 time, the off_gmt will be -8. An off_gmt value of 0 indicates that the model start date/time is relative to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).  An off_gmt value of (grid_cell_longitude*24/360) indicates that the model start date/time is relative to local time.Each line in the soil_parm.example file corresponds to a sation. 2. Global parmater definition: global_param.example   3. Output The downscaled data for each station will be loacted in the output file. More details, please refer to: 程序及示例下载: Example_LING_ZHANG.rar  





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